Who Chose Who?

A little document reflecting on my mother's murder, my next family, and God's choosing. Here you go…

Jonathan Edwards Trip Videos

I have recorded a few videos about my recent Jonathan Edwards trip. You can see the videos at my YouTube channel.

Jonathan Edwards Tour

I hope to make a more detailed write-up of my travels to the land of Jonathan Edwards... until then, here's my unsorted album of photos from the places of Johnny E: Enfield, East Windsor, Stockbridge, Northampton, Princeton, and Yale.

God Give Us Men

These were my morning thoughts that turned into 1200 words. A brief article concerning God giving men that will preach and teach the word for his glory and the church's good… Click here to read God Give Us Men.

Sermon for a church grieving the Spartanburg serial killings

On Sunday (11/13/16) I had the opportunity to preach at a church in the upstate of South Carolina. In that church is a family who are victims of the recent murders committed by the suspected Spartanburg serial killer, Tom Kohlhepp. The pastor knew what happened in my life as a young child (you can read my story here) and he thought that I would be able to help the grieving family and church. I preached from the book of Revelation and emphasized the truth that "God is ALWAYS on the throne." After declaring that from Scripture I then explained the events in my life which remind me that God can always be trusted. I'll not name the church or family and I also removed the personal remarks at the end of the sermon, but if you'd like to hear the preaching portion of the sermon you can do so here: God is on the Throne