Jonathan Edwards Trip Videos

I have recorded a few videos about my recent Jonathan Edwards trip. You can see the videos at my YouTube channel.

Jonathan Edwards Tour

I hope to make a more detailed write-up of my travels to the land of Jonathan Edwards... until then, here's my unsorted album of photos from the places of Johnny E: Enfield, East Windsor, Stockbridge, Northampton, Princeton, and Yale.

God Give Us Men

These were my morning thoughts that turned into 1200 words. A brief article concerning God giving men that will preach and teach the word for his glory and the church's good… Click here to read God Give Us Men.

Sermon for a church grieving the Spartanburg serial killings

On Sunday (11/13/16) I had the opportunity to preach at a church in the upstate of South Carolina. In that church is a family who are victims of the recent murders committed by the suspected Spartanburg serial killer, Tom Kohlhepp. The pastor knew what happened in my life as a young child (you can read my story here) and he thought that I would be able to help the grieving family and church. I preached from the book of Revelation and emphasized the truth that "God is ALWAYS on the throne." After declaring that from Scripture I then explained the events in my life which remind me that God can always be trusted. I'll not name the church or family and I also removed the personal remarks at the end of the sermon, but if you'd like to hear the preaching portion of the sermon you can do so here: God is on the Throne

New Poem: Sowing and Reaping

This is a poem I wrote after reading a paragraph from a commentary commenting on Elijah and Elisha. Some are called to plant seeds and some will get to water, but God alone gives the increase. Neither should be jealous of the other, nor look down on the other.

“Look at how many came in
Through my great and mighty ministry!”
“Well, remember all praise goes to the Lord.
And remember, someone else planted those seeds.”

In our day almost all churches demand
That a minister’s main goal is to be successful.
But, remember what our God only demands
Is that His ministers be found faithful.

Many want to brag about their harvest
While few want to be in obscurity willing to toil.
Many want to be the ones that reap
While few are willing to systematically break up the soil.

The planter must not envy who reaps,
And the harvester must not despise who plants seeds.
But, both must remember that they are nothing
Because God alone is the one that gives the increase.

So focus on the field and the work
And not on how great will be your reward.
For we’ll all be surprised when we see
That the majority of the reward will go
To the laborers who came before you and me.